About Us

Sage & KoKoa came to life in the middle of unprecedented times.

We see the impact of humankind on the Planet and, as many great people around the world, we are dedicated and committed to live a more balanced life. We were inspired and moved by the ever growing consciousness in society about health, wellness and the choices we make every day.

Therefore we decided to create a brand of products that replicates our beliefs towards Earth and dedicated ourselves to our mission.

Make the Planet a better place for future generations.

A balanced mind, body and soul can only coexist as one with the Universe.
Yoga brings everything together with a sense of flow and enlightenment.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly are part of our day to day vocabulary.

A question then arises, how can we incorporate this in our Yoga Practice? PVC (polyvinyl chloride) yoga mats are outdated and proven to impact negatively the Planet.

As Portuguese raised, we grew up surrounded by the beautiful Cork Oak trees (Sobreiro in Portuguese). The source of our prime material was natural.

After months of researching and gathering information in regards to more Eco-friendly options in Yoga and in the whole holistic practices world, we decided to embark on a quest that can make a difference in our lives, the environment and in the future that we will leave for the coming generations.

Join us in this journey to create a better World.

From our heart to yours