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  • Consumerism: Less is More

    Last year was an interesting change in pace. No one really knew which way to turn and the only time we were sure what was happening was when we were strictly told we weren’t allowed to go anywhere. This led to a huge increase in online sales and home deliveries. It reached an excessive point where no one really understood why they were purchasing what they were, to later realise it was only because they had nothing else to do.
  • Why Yoga is more than just an exercise

    Yoga is a total mind and body workout. With the attention split between moving our bodies and focusing our minds, equality and balance are key elements. Yoga isn’t just another exercise; it’s an addition to our routine that helps provide a solid foundation for a positive outlook on life.
  • What are the benefits of being Vegan for the environment?

    Veganism is a diet and lifestyle where a person does not consume or use animal products. For sustenance, they eat plant-based meals and avoid products that are either solely animal based or contain products derived from animals.