Recycled Mix Yoga Mat

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The perfect combination of a mix of natural harvested Portuguese Cork granules and recycled EVA rubber.

Fashioned to deliver maximum grip, exceptional overall performance and endurance. 

Every mat has a unique pattern and sprinkles of colours.

Suitable for any type of exercise, pre and/or post workout, stretch, relaxation practice.

Hand-crafted responsibly in Portugal.


Non-slip, durable and high performing

Mix of rubber and Portuguese Cork granules creating improved grip

Light weight and engineered to lay flat

Made entirely from sustainably sourced materials

Eco-friendly and biodegradable

Body kind - completely free of PVC, TPE, glues and binding agents

Safe for children and pregnant women



Size: 1820 x 650 mm   

Weight: 1550 g 

Thickness: 6 mm


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