Why Yoga is more than just an exercise

Yoga is a total mind and body workout. With the attention split between moving our bodies and focusing our minds, equality and balance are key elements. Yoga isn’t just another exercise; it’s an addition to our routine that helps provide a solid foundation for a positive outlook on life.

With over 100 types of yoga practices, there’s something for everyone. With a huge variety of needs in the world, yoga is one of the most adaptable types of movement which is perfect for a diverse population. Anyone can pick up yoga even with limited mobility, lower fitness levels or little knowledge of exercises.

One of the biggest benefits of yoga is the ability to strengthen with stretching.

No matter where you are on your journey it can be applied alongside. For those looking to go to another level with their fitness or those just starting out. Building a strong foundation is key to success.
With deep breathing, meditation and relaxation featuring as integral parts of the practice, our mindset is considered just as important as the movements. The way we focus our minds in conjunction with the movements connects us in a way, unlike other exercises.

An ethical and spiritual approach can also be taken to this type of practice. With yoga dating back over 5,000 years, the practice has been approached and developed in numerous ways to benefit humankind. Many use yoga as a way to ground and focus their lives to reach goals because of how they can create a positive environment and mindset.

The importance of balance is a major component of the practice too. This can only be achieved by having the mind and body communicating with each other as one. This makes it the perfect place to start on an untaxing journey to fitness and positive mental health but can also elevate anyone who’s already started.
Not only proven to be beneficial to our mentality but yoga improves our respiration, energy and vitality. By committing to a routine including yoga we work with our mind and body to increase our daily energy and feel more confident about our future. By building this kind of strength a new attitude is achieved in how we approach our lives.

We get the opportunity to learn more about the physical makeup of the body whilst going beyond this and training the mind too. The overall goal isn’t just to exercise but to build the relationship between the body and mind. With this strong bond constantly being nourished our relationship with the world and others also improves.

By connecting in this way with ourselves, others and the world we become more grounded. We take more time choosing the right decisions and we gain respect for ourselves. We provide ourselves with the space to consider what we want to achieve and where our goals truly are. The commitment to this practice is actually a commitment to improving our quality of life.

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